Selling by auction is quick, secure and free

We offer a number of ways to sell a property by auction so whatever your situation, we have a solution and timescale to suit you.

There are many advantages of selling your property by auction; it’s flexible, quick and secure.

You can choose the type of auction that best suits your circumstances and set your own timescale. And depending on your choice of auction, the buyer will either pay a non-refundable reservation fee to secure the sale or a 10% deposit and immediately exchange contracts – either way you know your buyer is committed.

You can even sell your property for FREE. We offer 0% commission, so there is NO SELLING FEE. Meaning you keep all of your sales proceeds, so there are no upfront costs to list your property and the legal pack can be provided on a no sale, no fee basis.

The benefits of selling by auction include:

No Selling Fee

Selecting a sale by auction, you have the option to sell for 0%* sales fee, meaning you keep all of your sales proceeds.

Legal Packs

You will need a legal pack prepared in order for people to bid on your property. This can include special conditions of sale, title documents and leases or searches etc. We can help arrange this for you, or help you brief your own solicitor.

Fixed Completion Date

You can choose the auction method which best suits your circumstances and timescale. An online auction can start on any day and run for as long as you require, with the added benefit of fixed exchange and completion dates from the outset.

Security of Sale

Depending on the type of auction, your buyer will either pay a non-refundable reservation fee to secure the sale or a 10% deposit and immediately exchange contracts – either way you know your buyer is committed.

Competitive Bidding

Pricing your property correctly will help us to generate the maximum interest. This will then create a competitive bidding environment to achieve the highest sale price possible at the end of the auction.

Reserve Price

You set the reserve price, so you have total control over the sale and your property will never sell for less than your minimum price.

Extensive Marketing

We will market your property in all the usual ways i.e. you will still get a ‘for sale’ board, listing on Rightmove, our own website and we’ll promote your property to our list of active buyers.

All Property Types

Auctions are not just for run down properties or those desperate to sell. All types of properties can be suitable, including vacant residential or commercial properties, tenanted or investment properties and land/development opportunities.

*Buyers’ fees apply

We can sell your property via our online auction or in one of our busy auction rooms, choosing either a conditional or unconditional sale, whichever suits you best.

Online Auctions

Our online auctions give you total flexibility over the sale of your property. You can choose a conditional or unconditional sale, giving you the same benefits of selling in a room auction but allowing you to set a timescale to suit your circumstances. Interested parties can place bids from wherever is convenient for them, and competitive bidding against each other will achieve the best price possible at the end of the sale.

Live In-Room Auctions

With a large number of auctions held across the UK each year, there is always an auction not too far away. They are held in prestigious venues attracting up to 1,300 people. The auctioneers have a wealth of experience and work hard to achieve the best price possible for each property offered.

Unconditional Auctions

Also known as the traditional auction method, where the purchaser will exchange contracts at the end of the online auction/on the fall of the gavel and pay a non-refundable deposit and reservation fee. Completion is usually set within 28 days giving you and your purchaser certainty of sale.

Conditional Auctions

Conditional auctions are considered to be a more flexible auction method. The purchaser pays a reservation fee to secure the property and is granted 56 days to exchange contracts and complete. This more flexible way of selling can give the purchaser longer to obtain funding, therefore potentially attracting more bidders which can result in a higher price being achieved.


Buyers are used to paying fees when purchasing a property at auction. By selecting to sell with no fees, we can charge the buyer a reservation fee, meaning you keep all of your sale proceeds.

We would love to provide a free no obligation appraisal of your property or discuss the benefits of selling by auction. Please complete your details in our free valuation form and we'll be in touch to discuss the process further.

Selling by auction FAQs

What type of properties are suitable for auction?

All types of properties can sell well at auction, residential, commercial, vacant or tenanted properties, land and development sites.

How long does an online auction last?

The properties will be advertised on our website prior to the auction starting as 'coming soon' lots, once the legal pack has been finalised the property will become live. You can start and end the auction at any time to suit you however, we usually recommend a property is live for 21 days to attract as much interest as possible.

Can I set a minimum price for my property?

Yes a property cannot be offered without a reserve price, this is the minimum price your property can sell for, this is confidential between you and the auctioneer.

What is a guide price?

Properties are advertised with a guide price, which is based on your likely reserve price. The guide price has to be within 10% above or below the reserve price when a single figure is stated. If the guide price is a bracket figure the reserve price cannot exceed the top end of the bracket price.

Can I accept an offer before the end of the auction?

You can consider an offer at any time, we will give you our advice if it's best wait until the end of the auction but it's your decision if you wish to accept it. We will still ensure that the buyer agrees to the usual auction terms.

Does my property have to be sold to a cash buyer?

No, lots of people raise their finances by way of a mortgage. Selling via a conditional auction gives your purchaser longer to get their mortgage in place. This can sometime make your property more attractive to potential buyers and can result in a higher price

How do I get further advice?

Our auction experts are available to offer you all the help and guidance you need, to ensure you're comfortable with selling by auction. Please give them a call if you have any questions and they'll happily guide you through the process to ensure selling by auction is the best route for you.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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chalet in dawlish

305 and 306 Welcome Family Holiday Park, Warren Road, Dawlish Warren, Dawlish EX7 0PH

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